Breakthrough Technology:
OCC-BDC leverages unique patented technology invented at Caltech & University of California and developed by the world leading power electronic experts under partial sponsorship of U.S. Department of Energy. OCC-BDC is the first hardware-enabled 3-phase Bidirectional Converter with high reliability, extremely fast dynamics, and simple user interface, enabling autonomous bidirectional AC/DC conversion with regulated DC bus and unity power factor AC power.

• Regenerative PFC front end for motor drives
• Regenerative PFC for elevator AC/DC conversion
• Regenerative PFC for crane AC/DC conversion
• Dynamically adjustable electronic load with energy recycling capability
• Create DC grid for DC building
• Create DC grid for microgrid/hybrid grid/mobile grid
• Create DC grid for regenerative personal rapid transit systems
• Wind power generation inverter
• Microhydro power generation inverter
• Solar power generation inverter
• Flywheel energy storage bidirectional inverter
• Pumped-hydro energy storage bidirectional inverter
• Rock power energy storage bidirectional inverte

OCC Benefits:
• Hardware enabled control
–– ultrafast and autonomous
• High efficiency
–– energy saving
• Simple user interface
–– low maintenance & low service
• Modular plug & play architecture
–– scalable
• Long life design
–– low logistics & installation cost
• Light weight minimum raw material usage
–– environmentally friendly
• Small size
–– space saving
• ETL listed
–– safe and high quality
• Department of Energy sponsored and award winning
–– highly competitive

• OCC-BDC was developed under partial support of U.S. Department of Energy







— Enable autonomous bidirectional AC/DC conversion with regulated DC bus



OCC Features:
• One-Cycle Control technology
• Power factor >0.99,
• Current harmonics <3%
• Efficiency >97%
• Stable zero load operation
• Leading response speed (100s of microsec)
• Leading light weight < 29 kg (65 lbs)
• Leading power density ~1.2W/cm3 (20W/inch3)
• 400Hz or variable frequency by custom order
• Single unit 40kW, scalable to MW


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