OCC Makes History (January 11, 2013):
First time in the world, grid voltage can be precisely controlled to a setpoint within ±1. OCC-Dynamic VAR Compensator (OCC-DVC) sets the record for high performance and small footprint. OCC enables wide-area power grid control to increase renewables, mitigate congestion, reduce blackout, protect loads, and increase efficiency.

Breakthrough Technology:
OCC-DVC is the first hardware enabled 3-phase DVC: ultra-fast, precise, reliable, and autonomous voltage regulation and voltage support with a simple user interface and small footprint. OCC-DVC leverages unique patented technology from Caltech & the University of California and the experience of the world-leading experts in power electronics. OCC-DVC enables local “reflexes” voltage support and wide-area voltage profile optimization. OCC-DVC is now in commercial service on the US grid.

• Renewable penetration limited on distribution feeders
• Equipment damage and process disruption within
• Large-area blackouts and brownouts
• Grid losses from non-ideal grid-voltage profiles
• Instability of low-inertia micro-grids
• Costly maintenance of load tap changers (LTC) and
switched capacitor banks (SCB)

OCC Solution:
• Increase renewable penetration by real-time
distribution voltage regulation
• Reduce equipment damage & disruption by stabilizing
facility voltage
• Improve grid resilience by autonomous voltage regulation
• Improve grid efficiency by voltage-profile optimization
• Fast “reflexes” stabilize rapid-dynamic micro-grids
• Collaborate with LTC/SCB to reduce their cycling frequency

OCC Benefits:
• Hardware enabled control –– ultrafast, precise, reliable
• Simple graphical user interface –– easy to use
• Small footprint -- easy to site
• Modular, scalable --field replaceable
• Long life design –– low OPEX
• Light weight –– easy to install
• ETL listed OCC-VAR module –– safe and high quality
• US Department of Energy sponsored and award
winning technology –– premium brand

• The core technology OCC-VAR was developed under partial support of U.S. Department of Energy




– Provide precise grid voltage regulation & voltage support


OCC Features:
• One-Cycle Control technology
• Ultrafast bidirectional VAR control (±240kVAR)
• Regulate voltage within a band (e.g. ±1V)
• Manual or remote voltage set point control
• Autonomous “reflexes” voltage support
• Web accessible graphical user interface
• Installation on a standard 4’X4’ transformer pad
• 400Hz or variable frequency by custom order
• Modular scalable to MVAR

made in ca OCC-VAR module, 40kVAR, 65lb


etl-logomade in ca


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