Breakthrough Technology:
OCC-Peak Load Regulator (OCC-PLR) features the first hardware-based 3-phase 4-quadrant OCC-GTI technology for battery charging and discharging with ultrafast dynamic response, simple user interface, high reliability, and small form factor, enabling peak load reduction, demand response, voltage support, frequency regulation, PV firming, and /or wind power firming in real-time. OCC-PLR has successfully completed two-year on-grid demonstration to perform peak shaving without single fault.

Product & Service Offering:
OCC-GTI module is available to enable your energy storage applications
• OCC, Inc. provides system integration service to enable precise power conversion for your energy storage devices

• Facility owners face utility penalties for high peak load
• Power demand exceeds the transformer capacity
• Fast load transient causes voltage flicker and sag
• Intermittency of renewables causes grid voltage transient and must be curtailed
• High demand causes voltage collapse and large area blackout
• Battery developers need a small, lightweight, high speed power converter to connect their batteries to grid

OCC Solution:
• Shave peak load to avoid high peak penalties
• Reduce peak demand to free up transformer capacity
• Regulate load transients to maintain high power quality
• Stabilize the grid against intermittency to increase renewable penetration
• Support voltage, regulate frequency, prevent blackout, and protect the power grid and customers
• OCC-GTI module is available featuring small size, lightweight, simple user interface for 3-phase 4-quardant utrafast power conversion

OCC Benefits:
• Hardware enabled control –– ultrafast and precise real & reactive power on demand
• Simple user interface –– low maintenance & low service
• Modular plug & play architecture –– scalable
• Long life design –– low logistics & installation cost
• Power converter light weight –– minimum raw material usage, environmentally friendly
• Power converter small size –– space saving
• ETL listed OCC-GTI module –– safe and high quality
• California Energy Commission sponsored and award winning technology –– highly competitive

• The core technology OCC-GTI was developed under partial support of U.S. Department of Energy
• PLR technology and its field demonstration was partially sponsored by California Energy Commission.

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– Regulates power demand using energy storage


OCC Features:
• One-Cycle Control technology
• Power factor >0.99
• Current harmonics <3%
• Converter efficiency >97%
• Stable zero load operation
• Leading response speed (100s of microsec)
• 400Hz or variable frequency by custom order
• Single unit 35~40kVA scalable to MVA

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