Department of Energy (continue): The OCC-RPSI is based on breakthrough OCC technology that delivers a new paradigm: 4 quadrant conversion (+/-P, +/-Q) of 3-phase power. The hardware-based control enables extremely fast response and a >10x reduction in complexity to achieve unmatched performance and reliability, necessary for large-scale widely deployed real-time power quality control and grid stabilization. OCC, Inc. has demonstrated a 40 kVA OCC- RPSI with ultra-fast, precise, and high-quality, bidirectional flow of P and Q with >0.99 power factor, ~1% total harmonic distortion, ~50 microseconds rail-to-rail step response, and 97% efficiency. OCC-RPSI delivers unmatched speed, precision, and smoothness for step response or continuous adjustment in P or Q to enable real-time control of grid voltage/frequency necessary for effective grid stabilization. The OCC-RPSI is fundamental to DOE’s mission of grid modernization and increased renewables penetration.

OCC Enters Pentagon May 24, 2010: U.S. Dept. of the Army Annual Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Achievement Award ceremony at the Pentagon Conference Center. This year 11 teams were selected of 471 eligible projects, where the One-Cycle Control (OCC) team, from Irvine CA, was the only recipient in the area of power electronics. The Army emphasizes that the award is “extremely competitive” and “is given to the best Army SBIR projects based on originality of research, relevance to the Army's mission, commercialization potential, and the overall performance on the project.” The OCC team is very honored for this distinction. (Continue next page)

OCC-enters pentagon OCC-enters pentagon

OCC enters Pentagon for the Department of Army Achievement Award Celemony


The Award Winning Team at the Pentagon Conference Center

CESASC 49th Annual Convention April 23, 2011: CEO Greg Smedley and Dir. R&D Taotao Jin were invited to speak at the Chinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California's 49th Annual Convention. CEO Smedley together with SkyTran inventor Doug Malewicki delivered a duet speech on SkyTran, the Internet Based Transportation, which is nonstop from point to point, jamfree anytime, and green, powered by the breakthrough OCC technology. DIR. Jin spoke on how OCC technology can enable all types renewable power generation and grid support.

UCI EECS Colloquium April 13, 2011: CEO Greg Smedley and SayTran Inventor Doug Malewicki were invited to speak at the UCI EECS Colloquium. Students showed a great enthusiasm about the new technology.

APEC 2011 March 6-10, 2011: CEO Greg Smedley was invited to speak on DOE Reactive Power Supply Inverter (RPSI) Development for Distributed Energy at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference in Taxes. Dr. Smedley reported the ultra-fast 4-quadrant RPSI developed by the OCC team and discussed how it can enable the renewable power penetration and stabilize the grid in the meantime .

California Energy Commission February 17, 2011: CEC Program Manager Michael Lozano visited  OCC.  During his visit, the OCC team demonstrated the OCC-Peak Load Reduction (PLR) system with four quadrant dynamic range and ~50 microsecond seamless rail-to-rail P and Q step response. The OCC-PLR is a must for grid support or customer rate reduction. Mr. Lozano was pleased about the progress.

CEC Lozano visit

CEC Lozano inspecting the OCC-PLR

Department of Energy August 14, 2010: OCC, Inc. developed Reactive Power Supply Inverter (RPSI) to enable DER to rapidly deliver/absorb Real (P) and Reactive (Q) power to/from the grid to stabilize grid frequency and voltage.

OCC-RPSI40kVA OCC-RPSI, 19" rackmount, <50lb.

RPSI Pwaveform

P step from power generation to power use in ~50 microseconds (yellow phase-a voltage, green phase-a current, purple P commend).

RPSI Q waveform

Q step from capacitive to inductive in ~50 microseconds (yellow phase-a voltage, green phase-a current, purple P commend).

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